11 Photos Of Animals And Their Parents That Will Make You Happy


Parents in the animal kingdom can just be too cute to ignore, let’s have a look.
1 – These little guys are just riding mommy all the way to… well we don’t know where to. But just look at them and see how cute and safe they look, it’s simply amazing.
2 – Apparently these babies are just not ready to get into the water. Not quite yet and as such, they just decided to keep on being under mommy’s wing. It’s warm, it’s with mommy and most importantly, it’s in a dry place – it couldn’t be any better.
3 – Polar bears aren’t usually cute, they look kind of scary; specially up front in person. Well, this momma bear is grabbing her son which just looks as cute as he possibly could. I know he’s a bear, but I want to cuddle him all night.
4 – The parent in this picture looks incredibly protective and angry and whatever he is looking at. His children are right beneath his wings so it surely looks like a protective scene, pretty much like what we see in our own society

5 – As soon as you look at it, it melts your heart. These two giraffes are just cuddling each other; mother and daughter, making sure they both know their love is mutual. It’s actually amazing how much you can see in their eyes as they do it.
6 – Little kids like to play ,it’s just natural. Among us adults, some might think that the lack of desire to play means that we have lost our ways we have lost our inner child. This parent apparently lost his inner child, but his real child won’t give up without a fight, or a bite.     6

7 – Boys will be boys, and bears will be bears. These two clearly went for a swim and just as the photographer decided to capture their amazing moment, they decided they wanted to look good for the camera – so they looked at it. I’m pretty sure the baby is smiling.   7

8 – Love is a beautiful thing that ranges across every possible species in existence. This, of course, includes this little family, where mom and dad just want to share a kiss, but their baby also wants some loving. Heartwarming, to say the least. 8  

9 – Lions are usually not the kind of animal you want to have looking right at you, but it’s all right in this case. This momma lion is just playing with her son, who is clearly having the time of life. 9

10 – This baby squirrel is so young; he needs her mother really badly. Well, she’s right there holding him in his arms. You can tell, just by one single image, he is going to be a happy, healthy squirrel.
11 – Elephants can’t really get up and hug, so I guess this is the way they hug each other. Dad just got his trumpet near his son, who hugged it with his.

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