10-Year-Old Dies Shortly After A Strange Mark Appeared On His Leg


In 2014, this little boy identified as Keith Pierce began experiencing swelling in his right leg a month after his tenth birthday. His parents were troubled and took him to a doctor severally, but the condition worsened. Doctors were concerned that strange mark was caused by cancer. He was treated at St. Vincent Hospital and was treated with strong antibiotics.


After two days, sepsis began to develop, and his prompted an emergency surgery. However, the little boy never woke up. His cause of death was acute sepsis due to the complications of a venomous spider bite. Sepsis is caused by poisoning of the blood. In the little boy’s case, his sepsis was triggered by the brown recluse spider bite.


His family described him as a loving, athletic and energetic child. Despite being so young, Keith already showed promise as a wrestler and a star football player. In the fall of the year 2014, he was a fourth grader and a talented football player. Keith was a devoted brother to his three siblings. Keith was a healthy and happy child.

His mother noticed the strange, round and dark mark on his right leg. She didn’t know the extent of the damage until the boy started feeling pain on the spot. When he was carried to the emergency room, she tried to tell the doctors that it was the effect of a spider bite, but they were concerned about other possibilities.


Apart from the black widow spider, the brown recluse spider has a medically significant venom and is one of the deadliest in North America. These spiders are widespread in the country but can be found mostly in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska and Illinois.


NBC Montana reports that you can take some precautions to avoid spider bites like wearing long pants, long sleeves, socks and being careful if you work outside in dark areas or with lumber piles where spiders may live.

However, if you were bitten or you think you were, wash the spot with hot water and soap and use a cold towel to compress it. If this doesn’t stop the pain, contact your doctor.


Keith’s family made a Facebook page to honor the memory of their son, and this helped raise over $10,000 to help raise awareness.

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