10 Illustrations Every Dog Owner Will Understand


As awesome friends, dogs will always be there for you at all times and will never disappoint whenever you need them. Due to their ability to go for joggings, training exercises, and daily walks, they will always make you healthy. Most striking of all, they will always love you unconditionally. These and many more are obvious reasons why they are often referred to as man’s best friend.

Here are top 10 funny but true facts about dogs.

  1. Learn from Your Dog

Every dog has one or more lessons to pass across and as a pet owner, it is good to learn from them. Why should you keep staring at a disgusting situation when you could kick some grass over it and move on? Take life as it comes and forge ahead.


  1. Let sleeping dogs lie

Courtesy demands that you stay and remain calm when you pet is sleeping on you. You simply do not have to move. This is an unspoken rule to adhere to.


  1. Let dogs move around

As man’s best security system, dogs would always want to take a walk around the block. So whenever they want to come in, do let them in and let them through when they want to back out again.


  1. Dogs have sticky hair at home

Dog’s hair sticks to everything but the dog at home. Dog’s hair can be found almost everywhere.


  1. Man’s best friend

Even in hard times, dogs would always come around to comfort and to stay with you, as if they understand what you are passing through. Well, some do.


  1. Lab testers

A food rejected by a dog should not be considered by man. That is why they are the best lab scientists.


  1. Barking is a dog thing

Sometimes, dogs feel like barking and so, they can just bark at nothing.


  1. Dogs eat everything

There is hardly anything eatable that dogs don’t eat. From pizzas to biscuits, dogs eat virtually everything.


  1. Dogs need love and affection

Dogs are the only animals that love us more than the way they love themselves. So, show them love.


  1. Dogs are always at fault

Most times, dogs are blamed for anything bizarre such as farts, damages, and destructions. However, they can also be innocent, ask the kids at home.


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